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Compact SUVs (also known as crossovers) are proving to be a popular choice, with the market expected to reach a revenue of $26,710m (£20,378m) in 2022 according to Statistica. The concept of having a car like experience in an SUV was first introduced by Nissan with its Juke crossover. And since then, many automakers have launched crossovers to meet the market’s demand with cars such as the VW T-Roc, Citroen C5 Aircross and Renault Captur.

Land Rover has  some of the most iconic SUVs, from the family friendly Discovery, to the avant-garde Velar. But Land Rover spotted an opportunity for a more luxury crossover. A new contender disrupting the crossover market is the second-generation Range Rover Evoque.

Land Rover sold over 750,000 Evoques when it was first launched, making it one of the most successful Land Rover cars. With such a huge success, Land Rover received a £1bn investment for the production of the 2019  Evoque.

The exterior of the 2019 Evoque has gone through some classy refinements, making it sleeker than ever. But the real game changing transformation is with its interior and technology.  

 Here are 5 ways the Range Rover Evoque is  leading the way for compact SUVs, and why you need one.

It’s made from ethical and sustainable luxury materials

Typically, a car with leather interior signifies a more premium car. However, the Evoque is changing the rules by giving luxury a new meaning with its sustainable and ethical premium non-leather materials. In addition to its leather interiors, Land Rover has partnered with Kvadrat to offer a wool-polyester blend (made with 53 recycled plastic bottles per car) combined with Dinamica Miko Suede cloth.

The other alternative material that Land Rover offer, is its Eucalyptus Melange. This is a hybrid plant-based material which is paired with an animal-free anti-microbial polyurethane material in the seats. And it doesn’t just stop with the upholstery. Land Rover has incorporated up to 33 kg of natural and recycled materials in the new Evoque to reduce its environmental impact.

It’s packed with futuristic technology

"Windscreen displays are something we only see in sci-fi movies, yet the Range Rover Evoque has made this a reality."​

The Evoque is a glimpse into the future. As you would expect in a premium car, the Evoque lets you effortlessly  glide (as you would on your smartphone) through its infotainment system with the tap of your finger.

But it doesn’t just stop there. Windscreen displays are something we only see in sci-fi movies, yet the Range Rover Evoque has made this a reality.  The Head-Up display projects data such as navigation, speed, and gear position on to the windscreen in full high colour resolution.

For the first time ever, the Evoque’s ClearSight rear view mirror allows you to switch from a normal rear-view mirror, to a camera which feeds images from the rear of your car– allowing you to see clearly even when your boot is full. And if you’re going off road and don’t have a clear line of vision of the front of your car, the ClearSight Ground View lets you see through the bonnet.  

To top it all off, the Range Rover Evoque offers a self-learning feature as an additional opt in. This uses artificial intelligence which learns the driver’s habits, such as your preferred music, heating, seat position, wheel adjustments and much more.

The Evoque can withstand any terrain

Although the Evoque is the ideal city car, Land Rover is well-known for its off-road capabilities. But how far can the Evoque really go compared to other Land Rovers?

The Range Rover Evoque can drive with ease through half a metre of water. It has also been designed and tested in some of the harshest weather conditions such as on the ice in Sweden and the hot deserts of Dubai. So whether you’re crossing the Sahara Desert or driving through a snow storm, you can be assured that the Range Rover Evoque won’t let you down. It’s the perfect car for any city dweller seeking some off-road adventure. 

It has an iconic appearance

The second generation Evoque has taken inspiration from the Range Rover Velar, which is reflected in its slim Matrix LED lights and honeycomb mesh grille.  Without a doubt, the Evoque is making a statement with its iconic rising waistline, pronounced wheel arches and muscular shoulders. The added element of luxury comes from the Evoque’s flush door handles–a component only premium cars such as the Tesla Model S has. The Evoque has been built with aluminium and a 21mm longer wheelbase, making it slightly roomier and practical. Plus, with its gleaming 21” alloy wheels, the Evoque will certainly dominate the road. 

It’s cheaper to run than you think

Not only is The Evoque cheaper to buy than the other Range Rover models, it’s also cheaper to run, especially if it’s running off diesel. It has a 48-volt mild hybrid system which reduces the CO2 emissions to as low as 149/km and fuel economy from 50.4 mpg. The start-stop system also switches off the engine completely when breaking at speeds below 10.5 mph. This enhances the fuel efficiency of the Evoque by saving up to 6% fuel and it reduces the amount of pollutants in the air – making it ideal for business and personal use.  

The new Evoque is setting a high benchmark for compact SUVs. However with such a premium price tag, leasing a Range Rover Evoque could be a much better and affordable solution.

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