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Government U-Turn: Double-Cab Pick-Up Trucks to Retain Commercial Tax Status

Double-cab pick-up tax status

Exciting news has recently emerged for those interested in double-cab pick-up trucks and their tax status in the UK.

In a significant U-turn, the government has decided to maintain the commercial vehicle tax status for these versatile vehicles. This means that business users can continue to enjoy substantial tax benefits.

The decision marks a positive shift for those relying on double-cab pick-up trucks for their operations. There have been recent concerns that these vehicles might lose their historical tax status, leading to increased tax burdens for businesses.

However, the government’s reconsideration ensures that double-cab pick-up trucks remain a tax-efficient option for commercial use.

Flexible double-cab pick-up solutions

At AMT Auto, we understand the importance of offering flexible vehicle solutions. We’re proud to provide a range of purchase and hire options for double-cab pick-up trucks to help you navigate any further changes to the tax status of these vehicles.

For those looking to buy a double-cab pick-up, contact us today to discuss financing options to make the process smooth and affordable.

If you prefer a short-term solution or need flexibility without the commitment of ownership, our rental services allow you to access a double-cab pick-up truck for your business on a temporary basis.

Access the latest models without the upfront costs of ownership. Fixed, manageable monthly leasing payments give you the freedom to upgrade to newer models at the end of the lease term.

Our subscription service takes convenience to the next level. Our all-inclusive subscription packages include maintenance, insurance, and roadside assistance. With a simple monthly fee, you can enjoy hassle-free driving to focus on your business.

Get in touch with AMT Auto today to explore our range of double-cab pick-up trucks and find the solution that best suits your requirements.

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